Sunday, April 29, 2007



I believe that Jetfire is the Narcissus that attracts the most attention in my garden. It is shorter and earlier than King Alfred. While many other Narcissus nod downwards, even though this one does, its recurved petals mean that it shows up really well.


Not very orange in the center, but very pretty. Also not very tall, though it is its first year, so maybe it will be taller next year.

A tip I learned a number of years ago is that one should plant daffodils at least half way back in a planting bed. The foliage from perennials will hide the leaves until they are done for the year. It has worked beautifully for me.

When it comes to the shorter bulbs, crocus is fine at the very front, but medium height foliage is best disguised by the foliage of daylilies or ornamental grasses.


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