Sunday, December 07, 2008

Freezing Rain

We have been experiencing freezing rain off and on for the last 2 days. Its pretty scary to step onto our cement pad at the garage and unexpectedly go for a slide. The ornamental grasses that I love to gaze at in the winter are suffering a bit, but hopefully once the ice on them melts, the Calamagrostis will spring back up.

A week ago we had 3-4" of wet snow. The grasses were bent over so I took a stick and gently lifted them out of it. They were just recovering nicely when the freezing rain hit.

The two pics below are of an Oregon grape plant that grows naturally in our yard, and my husband (a committed non-gardener) wants me to incorporate into a new planted area.

This tube is normally smooth.

This afternoon its supposed to either rain or snow. Rain should melt the ice, but snow will sit on top of it and hide it. Not good. And the poor Calamagrostis will never spring up again.