Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Birds and Windows

Ugh, just lost a bird. The one and only thrush. We have birdfeeders and I hadn't gotten around to putting up the decals in the window that supposedly warn birds to not fly into them. Now I can't find the decals. However last summer I put up a long spiral in one window that was getting hit a number of times a day (silly Juncos) and it completely eliminated the problem. So I had a couple of spirals in the house so I put them up on the inside of the glass. Seems to be working as in the space of about 5 minutes I noticed three goldfinches head for the window and veer away at the last moment.

In case you don't know what this spiral thingy is that I am talking about, I have bravely taken a picture. You ask why I consider myself to be brave? The window needs cleaning! One of the reasons it is dirty is because of birds hitting it. And do I want to go out and clean it? Not when its -15 C!!! However I did go out and refill the feeders.