Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Alfalfa Tea Doesn't Stink

Twice I have made alfalfa tea. Both times it appeared to ferment as it produced to, with the foam on top. But when I did the nose test to be sure it was as ready (I assume stinky is ready), it just smelled like the alfalfa pellets did before water was added. So both times I let it sit longer, hoping to find out what all the fuss was about regarding the stench, but no stench was forthcoming. I even let the dregs sit for a couple of extra weeks and all they did was go moldy on top, but no stench.

So either I am too much of a farm girl and can easily tolerate these smells, or the alfalfa that other people use has something different in it. I checked the list on the bag and mine appears to be straight alfalfa, no other ingredients.

So I guess I am just lucky! Cause my roses are responding happily. There are lots of buds breaking at the bud union, just like is supposed to happen.


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