Friday, April 28, 2006

Rose Obsession - con't

So I did manage to pick up some more roses. The part that baffles me is that I have spent countless hours researching and making a firm list of the roses I want/need (of course I need them). I had also decided that it was important to check out the roses first thing in the spring so as to be able to get the best specimens, rather than pick up the puny plants that are left at the end of the season and are reduced by 20%. I bought a number of such roses last fall and looking at the weak-looking plants I now realize that the full price plants are in fact a much better deal. Same sort of story for the milk carton roses. Don't you just love that term? It means the roses in plastic bags and little boxes sold at the big box stores. Anyway, I understand that they have had their roots severely trimmed to be able to fit into the little homes.

So what do you think I did? Well I avoided box stores altogether so that helped in that department. However first nursery I went to didn't have any roses that tempted me until I discoved an area devoted to last year's rose, and they were only $7.50 each! So what do you think I did? Yes, I bought three. Two were incredibly healthy - Icebergs - (one was for a friend) and the other was Pensioner's Voice, which was pretty high up on my list and I hadn't been able to find elsewhere. So there I was, back to my old tricks.

About 3 weeks ago I had a friend pick up Brass Band and Eureka from a nursery in Kelowna. They had just been potted so she was able to get me the two very best plants. They have such thick canes it is amazing. It will be interesting to watch them grow this year.

Also picked up Intrigue and Gingersnap. And my order from Pickering finally came in yesterday. They are currently soaking in water with some willow water added. I was surprised to open the 2 year old jar of willow water and find that it didn't smell at all. So I made up some more (I have an enormous armload of willows rods that I pruned from my fedge). Willows contain a natural rooting compound.

I am seriously considering placing another order with Pickering. Am I nuts? I haven't been able to find Molineux potted, so it seems to me I have no choice. So which other ones will I have to order too....


Blogger kerry said...

lol reading this post is like reading my diary. I went all out and picked up 'just one more' more times than I can count.

4:11 p.m.  
Blogger Miss Canthus said...

I haven't confessed the fact that just before receiving my order through the mail, I placed an order for 5 more!

And I bought more in Kelowna last weekend...

But that is the end of it! Honest! For sure! Without a doubt! I'll stake my life on it!

At least for this year. Already have plans for next year.

Is this an addiction...?

9:39 a.m.  

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