Thursday, April 20, 2006

Feeling a Little Down (roses part 7)

I was pretty excited that I had found the reason my roses were under-achieving. So I went to the rose forum, briefly explained my situation and posted this question:

"Besides the obvious regarding fertilizer application, is there anything I could or should do to encourage better roots? I realize that a fertilizer high in phosphorus will help, but what about lifting the plants and soaking in a solution high in phosphorus?

Or sprinkling some rooting hormone powder in the soil?"

I only got 2 replies. One was from a man who seems to know an incredible amount about growing roses. He said:

"I think it's a myth that phosphorous, or any other single fertilizer element, promotes root growth. All the elements are necessary for all growth and if any element is deficient, all growth is eventually affected. If you think fertilizer has burned your plant roots, then the last thing you want to try as a cure is soaking in a fertilizer. I would think that if you really are burning the roots of your roses, you would see an immediate effect in the way of wilting or burned leaf edges. Poor root development might be due to a compacted, heavy soil and your potted plant probably is in a much looser soil."

Well, that was a shock. I was sure I would be offered a suggestion of some sort of solution to soak them in. (However Tabris has what must be burned leaves every year for 3 to 4 yrs. When I first planted it I put some rose fertilizer spikes beside it. I can't believe I have publicly admitted that!!)

The other person misunderstood part of my question.

So I then asked:

"Is it possible that most roses do not have root hairs at this time of the year in Zn 5? I noticed that IHT is also the rose with the least dieback (virtually none). When I move a rose no soil adheres because I have loose soil and also perhaps because the roses don't have enough roots to hold any soil in place. I guess I just don't know what the roots of a healthy rose bush should look like. Has anyone moved one that can tell me?"

No one has replied and my post is now on about the 3rd page. Not likely that anyone will answer. Why is it that if someone puts out a question about everyone's favorite floribunda, that the thread goes on for weeks (actually I found that thread to be incredibly helpful), while my question gets so little help. Sigh...


Anonymous Reading Dirt said...

I worked a little Google magic and found these mentions of root hairs in roses:
(scroll down to "planting procedure")
(scroll down to "fertilize")
(under "water retention")
(under watering directions)

See if any of this information fits your situation.

9:02 p.m.  

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