Saturday, May 19, 2007

Conspicuous Consumption

While researching "environmental weddings" for a client who wants a website, I came upon this article in The Independent, a UK newspaper. It reveals how much carbon is released when vast amounts of money are spent on totally unnecessary luxuries:

"Liz Hurley's long-haul wedding has produced a carbon footprint so large that it would take the average British couple more than 10 years to contribute as much to heating up the planet as she and Arun Nayar have done in little over a week. It would take a typical Indian couple a massive 123 years."

I love it that the details of how much carbon was emitted by a celebrity's celebration is able to be calculated and revealed to us. This sort of thing will go a long way towards making people understand the role that they play in climate change:

"Best Foot Forward says the biggest polluter is the Learjet, which will emit more than 70,000kg on its 12,000-mile round-trip. Accommodation in India adds 18,605kg, and food and drink 18,000kg. Flying in flowers produces 28,250kg, and flying three chefs to India adds 2,377kg. Guests and staff travelling to Gloucestershire released 30,000kg. The bride's flight to Milan for a dress fitting added just 215kg."

I am baffled by how our media continually discusses industry along with carbon emissions. If we stop buying so much, in particular if we stop buying from "black list" industries, then they will have to change. If we stop reading magazines that showcase celebrities and their conspicuous consumption, then slowly but surely, the magazines and the celebrities, the advertisers and the industries will begin to get the hint. It all rests in OUR hands. It must become uncool to be a consumer.


Blogger Kate said...

I would be so happy if these magazines died a quick death. We are constantly exposed to these magazines at grocery stores, in waiting rooms ... and what a waste it is!

9:31 p.m.  
Blogger Detrie said...

SO, using my incredibly perceptive mind powers I've gotten the feeling today is your anniversary. Happy Anniversary!!!

(I currently only make 578 US a month, it may be a while before I can afford that mare, but I'm putting aside $50 a month. I should have enough in about a decade. Its fine with me, I always imagined myself to be a mid-life bride.

1:31 p.m.  
Blogger Detrie said...

Sorry, I'm 5'1"- heels to parties stays, at least until I'm 29 (I think its legally required to give up house party dancing at 29, 29 is when you become that really old guy who hangs out near the bathroom). But heels, oh they make dancing easier. If it costs me the discount on son #2, that just may have to be.

I just saw Kent off to the airport, he will be sorely missed. You raised an amazing person with that kid.

5:39 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are we out of season?

3:16 p.m.  

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