Saturday, January 12, 2008

Worm Poop

While at the website of (one of my favourite websites - about making small loans to entrepreneurs in other countries), I visited the website of one of their supporters called GOOD Magazine. How could one pass up the opportunity to see what a business with the name of GOOD is all about? As may be expected, this organization is about presenting subscribers and viewers to the website with info regarding good stuff that is happening in our world. One article that caught my eye was about a young man who makes and markets worm castings. A visit to his TerraCycle website shows that he buys used containers to market his Worm Poop. Very cool! However I must admit that I wish that most of our containers were not produced in the first place. At least with the way they are used at TerraCycle, they do not need to be reprocessed before they are used again.

Checking the website further for locations near me where this product is sold, I see that it is in WalMart, Home Depot and Zellers. I must have seen this product before but I don't visit those stores very often (WalMart I refuse to visit) and since I don't buy fertilizer I guess I have missed it. Now I will watch for it.

The site also mentions Urban Street Golf. What a great solution to the havoc that golf courses are playing with our environment.

By the way, on the side of one of the pages of the GOOD website is an ad that asks people to vote for a Stick of Butter on Nov 7th. I am in Canada and have never heard about this. Can anyone fill me in?

I think I will have to blog about Kiva the next time.


Blogger kate said...

I think this is the company that was sued by Scott's (the Miracle Gro people) because the colours used with his recycled bottles was similar to their product colours.

They definitely sell worm poop at Home Depot since I've seen it there.

8:25 p.m.  
Blogger Diane said...

I never would have known about your lovely blog were it not for becoming a member of Blotanical. So great to meet another like-minded (and) Canadian. I love your non-deplume!

I see we think a lot alike. Isn't Kiva great? Also, I believe that "Good" magazine is the one that Bill Clinton started as a follow up to his book of the same name.

I intend to read more of your great posts.

Diane at Alberta Postcards
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5:25 p.m.  

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