Thursday, January 05, 2006

Eighteen Days in Costa Rica!!

Despite the beauty of our winter in December, I headed for the warmth and greenery of Costa Rica. What a beautiful place it is!! I took lots of pictures that I want to add to this blog, however some were lost when our cameras were stolen. The first incident was when I foolishly left it on our bus when I went out to try to investigate the source of the apparent traffic jam. Turns out that a one lane bridge was being repaired, in the middle of the day. We were stuck for an hour and a half. No air conditioning, as this was a local bus - nothing fancy about it. My mother was sitting right across from where I left my camera, and I placed something on top of it. But I guess someone created a diversion and my mom didn't notice someone reaching under and grabbing it.

So most of the pictures of sugar cane were on that camera, however my son had me take some photos of him in the cane, so at least I have this one. He is 6' tall, so you can get an idea as to just how tall these plants are!


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